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news; Here we are going to talk about Dior Goodjohn, his biography further, height and his total network, although he is much more famous and works as an actor and model in the entertainment industry, he was born in California, USA. She has become famous not only through her acting skills but also as a model and television personality, as well as on social media, although it is also due to her professional achievements and advocacy for various social causes. She is also seen using her platform from which it can be seen that she is also a philanthropist and gives a lot of importance to her work along with philanthropy, due to which today people are getting more information about her. want

Who is Dior Gudgeon?

Dior Goodjohn is a rising star in the entertainment circle who has completely enthralled the audience with her many talents and charm. Dior Goodjohn is an actress, model and social media influencer. He is very famous and widely admired across the world for his acting and other things as well as his growing fan base as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. She has kept her position strong and currently her fan following is very high, from social media to television.


Full NameDior Goodjohn
Age18 years old
Date of BirthAugust 13, 2005
Place of BirthCalifornia, USA
ParentsTroy Goodjohn (Father)
Tannaz T. Goodjohn (Mother)
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight50 kilograms
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Net Worth$1000k
CareerActress, Model, TV Personality, Social Media Influencer
EducationPursuing Graduation in Acting
Notable WorksGlee, Head of the Class, Percy Jackson and the Olympians
RelationshipRumored: Charlie Bushnell
LanguagesEnglish (fluent)

Dior Goodjohn was born on August 13, 2005 in California, USA in a supportive and nurturing family environment where she had a keen interest in performing arts and acting from a young age and she later became a great actress. However, due to which his parents strongly encouraged him towards acting and asked him to pursue whatever he was interested in, due to which Dior Goodjohn’s journey in the world of entertainment has been very good. And get to see the beginning of his journey with this early experience that ultimately inspired him to seek opportunities in television and film.


Dior Goodjohn has completed 18 years of age, which is a very young age for him. At such a young age, he has made a good mark for himself in the entertainment industry. In the times to come, on the basis of his acting and talent, he will become much more She can also earn more recognition, although in recent times, she has also worked in many TV serials or TV shows, due to which her fame is best seen from the internet to TV and cinema houses.


If we talk about the ethnicity of Dior Goodjohn, then the richness of his cultural background along with his heritage can be seen; Dior Goodjohn’s identity can be seen as an American ethnicity along with this multi-cultural influence. played a much more significant role in shaping his world view and understanding of the various characters he played on screen, however, what is seen here is Dior Goodjohn’s ability to draw from his mixed ethnicity and his performance. Adds depth and a lot of good evidence that works to engage the audience on a deeper level.

net worth

The total network of Dior Goodjohn is seen to be around 10 million dollars, where Nickle has made herself very successful financially in the entertainment industry, which has also created a good network at such a young age. Her attractive career is especially worth watching because of her fire and modeling and social media which are seen to be making a huge contribution in earning her wealth, however, as her popularity is increasing, her way His wealth is also increasing tremendously, due to which we may see a great growth in his network in the coming times.


Family MemberRelationship
Troy GoodjohnFather
Tannaz T. GoodjohnMother
Sibling(s)(Details not disclosed)

Talking about Dior Goodjohn’s family, his father’s name is Troy Goodjohn and mother’s name is Tannaz T. Goodjohn and no information about who are his siblings has been disclosed by them yet. Which is especially interesting to see here are some of the details of his siblings which are completely personal to see here is that because of his airport support and encouragement, he is in the entertainment industry. Her dream has been fulfilled, although her parents had supported her a lot in her career and due to all possible support, she has been able to achieve good success in the entertainment industry at such a young age.


2013GleeLittle Santana
2022Head of the ClassRobin Rook
2022Are You Afraid of the DarkSummer DaCosta
PresentPercy Jackson and the Olympians (Upcoming)(Character name not disclosed

The beginning of his career starts from 2013, in which he started his career with the character named Little Santana in a Glee television show, after that in 2022, he got work in the serial Head of the Class in which he played the character of Robin Rook. Later in 2022, she again got work in a serial named Are You Afraid of the Drunk, in this serial she acted as Summer DaCosta and if seen at the present time, her upcoming film Percy Jackson and the Olympians ( Upcoming) about whose character there is no information available to watch yet, however, this film is likely to be released in the last month of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. His character is very good. And they are seen in excellent form due to which their careers are seeing huge growth day by day.

Boyfriend or Husband

If we talk about Dior Goodjohn’s boyfriend or husband here, then Mayank has kept her romantic life completely a private affair and has not disclosed any details about her relationship publicly at all. She has not given any kind of information to the media, although rumors claim her to be in a relationship or affair with actor Charlie Bushnell, with whom she is seen sharing on-screen chemistry in “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”. Neither party has confirmed or confirmed these speculations at all, so there is still curiosity about Dior Goodjohn’s romantic status and life among both fans and the media as to who is in his personal life in the end and As of now no information has been given about whom she is dating, what she is happy to keep private.

height Weight

If we talk about height and weight, then his body length is seen to be around 5 feet 5 inches long and his weight is seen to be around 50 kg, which is why he has maintained a wonderful physical appearance. It can be seen that her on screen charisma is completely complete, along with her deep brown eyes and long hair, she is also seen giving a completely wonderful smile and her confidence and beauty are also very high. It is enough to attract people, however, if seen here, her entire body figure can be seen in a much better form.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Dior Goodjohn?

Dior Goodjohn is best known as a television actress, model and social media influencer.

Is Dior Goodjohn married?

Yes, not at all. Dior Goodjohn is not married yet and she has kept her affair a private issue and has not yet disclosed it to the media in any way.

When was Dior Goodjohn born?

Dior Goodjohn was born on 13 August 2005

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