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Nikolai Sachdev is seen in a lot of discussions at this time, if we talk about him, then according to some reports, he was born on 23 March 1986, according to which his age will be completed in 2024 and 2016. According to this, his age is said to be 30 years, however, Nicholai Sachdev recently got engaged with South actress Varalaxmi on March 1, 2024, where complete provisions for a second marriage were made.

On March 1, the engagement took place with pomp and show in Mumbai, and when the actress posted articles about it on social media, a lot of people were excited to see it. However, Nikolai Sachdev is a big businessman in Mumbai whose company runs an art gallery. And he is their owner. Apart from this, he has many other businesses. His age is finally 38 years to be seen as of 2024.


Full NameNicholai Sachdev
Date of Birth23 March 1986
Age41 years
BirthplaceMumbai (Maharashtra), India
Current CityMumbai (Maharashtra), India
ProfessionBusinessman, Art Gallery Owner
LanguageHindi, English
Income SourceArt Gallery Business
Net Worth$10 million (approx.)
Father’s NameArun
Mother’s NameChandra Sachdev
Marital StatusEngaged (2 March 2024)
WifeVaralakshmi Sarathkumar
Ex-WifeKavita Sachdev
GirlfriendVaralakshmi Sarathkumar
Height5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight65 kg
Face ColourWhiteness
Hair ColourBlack
Eyes ColourBlack
Shoe Size9
HabitsGaming, driving, listening to music

Nikolai Sachdev’s full name is Nicholai Sachdev and his nickname is Nicholai. According to starsunfolded, he was born on 23 March 1986. Accordingly, by 2024, his age will be 38 years. He was born in Mumbai, India and his hometown can also be seen there. His profession is completely seen in front of the people as a businessman who is most famous as an art gallery owner, his religion is completely seen as Hindu and his nationality is from India. Received whose languages are mainly Hindi and English.

However, his best income source is from the art gallery business. Nikolai Sachdev’s net worth is around 10 million dollars. His father’s name is Arun Sachdev and his mother’s name is Chandra Sachdev. However, his marriage took place in 2010 in the name of Kavita Sachdeva, who has also participated once in the Miss Globe event and also has a daughter.

Finally, his engagement with his girlfriend Varalakshmi Sarathkumar has been completed, his wedding date will be kept till the last month of this year. If we talk about his physical things, then here we can see that his height is 5 feet 7. It is found to see inches, which is found to see his weight is 65 kg, his face color is found to see whiteness and hair color is black and eye color is black and his decorated number is 9 and his habit is He gets to see gaming as much as driving and listening to music.


Nicholai Sachdev’s page is not available to be seen on Wikipedia because as of now, he has become more famous, however, after his engagement with South actress Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, he has become much more discussed. Due to this Inkaram was seen everywhere including media and social media, due to which it was also seen in Google Trends.

But it can be expected that in the coming time, an excellent page of his will be available on Wikipedia which will provide complete information about him, however, his biography and undertaker related support information has been provided by us which will save you from doing a lot of research. This information has been provided to you despite


According to the latest information, he was born on 23 March 1986, so by the year 2024, his age will be 38 years, although as of 2016, his age is said to be 30 years, which is 38 years at present. It is going on in the timing of 2024 and this is his second marriage he completed his first marriage in 2010 and now he is going to do his second marriage at the age of 38.

Net Worth

Nikolai Sachdev’s net worth as per 2024 is around $10 million. He has become famous as a big businessman of Mumbai where it can be seen that his company is the owner of an art gallery and apart from this he has other One can also get to see in all the side businesses, although the accurate data of their network has not been found yet to see anything special, but it is being estimated by some media that their network is worth seeing around 10 million dollars. is available for


Talking about Nikolai Sachdev’s family, we get to see a lot of people in his family where his Shivalinga is present in his family. His family includes his parents Arun and Chandra Sachdev, his one brother and a daughter from his first wife. Who had recently participated in some competitions and his engagement has just been completed, which is seen in his second marriage with Varalakshmi Sarathkumar. Overall, his family consists of his parents, his wife and one of his children. He also has a daughter and a brother, so in this way about 56 people in his entire family can be seen comfortably.


His career can be seen completely as a businessman where it can be seen that the biggest company which has become famous as part of his career is Art Gallery Kark, a company which is its owner and it is quite He is very famous and till now his name is presented in the news media by linking him with his company. It is especially worth seeing that he has many more side businesses to see, due to this his income is quite high. Although there is not much information to be seen on the internet regarding their business and career,

but as far as the information is available to be seen, every A company is talking about his art gallery company and along with it, his name is seen only from him, however, he has worked very hard in his business career and his hard work plays a major role in the success of his business. And finally he is going to get engaged with a big actress which will be his second marriage.


Recently, their engagement photo with Varalakshmi Sarathkumar can be seen on the social media account, on March 1, 2024, the engagement ceremony was celebrated with much pomp and show, while it can be seen that in the middle, a Kulsi Generating a lot of interest in the media, there are some reports indicating that Nikolai Sachdev was previously married to Kavita who gained recognition as Message Gladrags in 2010 and competed at the Miss Globe 2011 pageant in California. However, the couple also has a 15-year-old daughter, who has emerged as a champion athlete in weightlifting. Who is mostly famous in his family life, although perhaps he has left the first wife or is at his house or not, there is no special report to be seen about it, but the second wife, who has just got engaged. The announcement date of their marriage will be by the last month of this year.

Height, Weight

Talking about the height and weight of Nikolai Sachdev, we can see through his height report that his height is 5 feet 7 inches i.e. 170 cm, while his total weight is 65 kg. If seen, his body is seen to be very fit, which makes his physical confirmation very strong.


SchoolSt. Xavier’s School, Delhi
CollegeUniversity of Delhi, Delhi
Educational QualificationsB.A.

If we talk about education here, his education was from St. Xavier’s School, Delhi and his college is also from Delhi, he has completed it from the University of Delhi and his educational qualification is a Bachelor of Arts i.e. B.Which is a very famous course in India. It is what they have completed which is available to see their education qualification graduate.


Who is Nicholai Sachdev?

It turned out that Sachdev is a big businessman of Mumbai who is the owner of Gallery Seven and it has been established in the Art Gallery Mumbai, where he has attracted people’s attention the most. He completed the engagement ceremony with Indian actress Varalakshmi Sarathkumar on 1 March 2024..

What is Nicholai Sachdev’s age?

According to the latest information, Nikolai Sachdev’s age is 38 years, where he was born on 23 March 1986 and as of 2016, his age is 30 years.

Where was Nicholai Sachdev born?

Nicholai Sachdev was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

What is Nicholai Sachdev’s profession?

Nicholai Sachdev is a businessman and the owner of Gallery Seven, a renowned art gallery in Mumbai.

What is the net worth of Nicholai Sachdev?

Nikolai Sachdev has not yet revealed his network at all in a public place, but according to some media sources, it is known that his network can be seen as worth around 10 million dollars.

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